The Importance of Buying Authentic Aboriginal Souvenirs

When was the last time you checked the label on the back of a souvenir?

It seems like a gratuitous act; surely when we purchase a product from an Australian souvenir shop, we can confidently assume it is indeed Australian, particularly when it’s an Aboriginal keepsake.

What you may not know is, there is a rising tendency of ‘Aboriginal-style’ goods, which have been manufactured in Indonesia or China. Imagine that: a so-called authentic didgeridoo, from the heart of… Shanghai.

We all need to be on the lookout for Aboriginal knock-offs. Why?
Firstly, they take advantage of our tourists. When we travel, we buy souvenirs to remember how much we loved and respected a particular destination; so taking home a fake memorabilia is nonsensical. Let’s help others to remember Australia for the unique and beautiful country it really is!

Secondly, it’s a growing and competitive market that’s having a detrimental effect on Indigenous families and their livelihoods.
Locally made Aboriginal products present employment opportunities for Indigenous people and their families. We can help to keep these opportunities alive and well through more mindful purchases.

On a larger scale, counterfeit merchandise can be injurious to Aboriginal culture. Take, for example, the “rain stick”, which is not, in fact, a true part of the Aboriginal heritage. The same goes for the painted geckos and wine bottle holders, which we’ve no doubt all seen for sale at some point or another.

Let’s be mindful of our souvenir purchases, show our respect for Aboriginal culture and help to uphold Indigenous traditions.

Murra Wolka Creations is based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and guarantees authentic, Aboriginal souvenirs, arts and crafts.
Murra Wolka – Authentic and Australian.